Training: What Really Works

1) To improve your Vertical Jump I recommend The Jump Manual (after trying almost every program that is out there including Air Alert, Vertical Jump Bible, Become a Freak V2 etc.). I’m not saying these programs don’t work, but I simply had better results using the Jump Manual. There is a now, promising program called Vert Shock, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Looking back I must say that it’s really about the right exercises, the intensity and the number of repetitions (that’s why jumping as much as you can will give you only minimal results).

2) It’s obvious that you won’t be able to dunk if you are overweight. And if you’re not, you can build up some muscles and almost always reduce your body fat percentage (unless it’s below 6 %). Also, losing fat is how you get (to see) a six-pack, not doing 10 crunches every other day. You need to get your body fat percentage under 11% (<18 % for women) to really see the abdominal muscles. The abs aren’t that important in the jumping process, but it isn’t only about the calves either. Core strength is crucial to tranfer the energy from your upper body (shoulders, arms) to the legs.

3) For better ball handling skills: Alex Maroko’s Effective Ball Handling

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